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Our Rooms

A modern shelter of relaxation and rejuvenation, with Cycladic influences was created right by the sea. Enjoy the view, enjoy the cool sea breeze and let the picturesque images of Milos color your vacation.
  • Fully renovated, with modern rooms
  • A range of facilities for independence and comfort
  • Calmness and direct access to the island of Milos

Noon | Beyond Accomodation

We welcome you to a special seaside apartment complex where the refined minimal aesthetics are magically combined with the Cycladic landscape. 
Noon Milos is located in the seaside village of Pollonia, on the enchanting island of Milos. With a view of the Aegean light that depending on the time either paints the waters dazzling blue or paints them golden.

Explore the Island of Milos

Milos is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece. A birthplace of western civilization since the prehistoric era, a volcanic island of “natural art”, the island of the multicolored beaches and the secluded catacombs, the “island of Venus”. A Cycladic landscape of unique natural beauty. Geological, morphological, historical and cultural indications of its progressive course through time are evident all over the place. Milos appears in history in the Mesolithic period due to the obsidian, it flourishes during the Minoan-Mycenaean era and reaches big acme in the Classical epoch. It continues to contribute actively and productively throughout the Roman rule, the early Christian years and the Latin domination. After a dark interval of three centuries it dynamically reenters the socio-economic life of Greece in the beginnings of the 20th century

Pollonia the place to be in love with…

Pollonia is the second port of the island. It is a tourist fisher’s village and the place from which Milos is connected with the island of Kimolos opposite. One can get to Kimolos by a small ferry, a large fishing boat or by sea taxis.
It is a small, protected port with a sandy beach next to it, clean blue waters and thrift. There is also the picturesque peninsula of Pelekouda towards the north with tiny bays between wild rocks. Further down one will find the golden beaches of Polichroni in the eastern part.
The place has numerous tavernas, bars and cafés to offer.